A present for beauty and wellness!
You can’t go wrong with an Xmas gift voucher from Tiffany’s Art of Beauty for a cosmetic and wellness treatment.

Ein persönlicher Gutschein von Kosmetik Tiffany’s Art of Beauty, in Zürich am Römerhof, für eine Beauty- und Wellness-Behandlung mit Top-Produkten von Dermalogica ist das ideale Geschenk.

This personal voucher is valid for my entire range for one or more treatments at a value of your choice. Just send me a mail or give me a ring.  > Contact

You will receive your voucher by return of post together with the bill and payment slip or I can send it in your name directly to the receiver.

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I am pleased to present Dermalogica’s new formulated shampoo and conditioner based on Argan oil which is moisturizing and antioxidant-rich.
«Daily Cleansing Shampoo» and «Daily Conditioning Rinse» have been especially developed for daily hair washing without the danger of drying out or damaging the hair.

Deine tägliche Dosis für gesundes Haar - Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of Beauty

Daily Cleansing Shampoo

  • A nourishing sulphate free shampoo for shiny hair.
  • Massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Moisturizing oils give the hair shine and softness making it easy to comb. Helps strengthen hair cuticles and purify the scalp.
  • Antioxidants protect the hair from the sun and heat damage.

Daily Conditioning Rinse

  • Moisturzing conditioner which restores softness and shine for healthy looking hair.
  • After shampooing, apply to hair from root to tip, focusing on the ends. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Daily use ensures a healthy shine and easy combing. Smoothes and nourishes damaged hair cuticles for a more intense shine. Protects the hair from sun and heat damage.

Buy direct from Tiffany’s Art of Beauty

The new products «Daily Cleansing Shampoo» and «Daily Conditioning Rinse» from Dermalogica, suitable for all hair types, are available now from my practice.

  • Price: CHF 32.50 for 250 ml each.

Tips for shiny, healthy hair

  • Comb your hair before washing.
  • To prevent too much oil production, do not massage the scalp too vigorously.
  • After applying the conditioner, comb through the hair.
  • Leave the conditioner on for as long as possible.
  • In order not to activate the sebaceous glands, first wash your hair with warm water and then with cold water. Cold water closes the hair cuticles and prevents frizzing.
  • Apply conditioner to the tips of the hair only, avoiding the scalp.
  • Shampoo hair twice. The first wash removes dirt, oil and styling products. The second wash cleanses the hair and scalp.

BioSurface Peel für maximale Hautoberflächenerneuerung - die intensive und schonende Gesichtsbehandlung von Kosmetikerin und Dermalogica-Expertin Tiffany Thommen, Klosbachstr. 141 in 8032 Zürich.

Now the sun is taking a break, this is the ideal time of the year for a professional skin regeneration treatment with BioSurface Peel. As your Dermalogica expert I would be happy to create a therapy concept aimed especially to your skin’s requirements.
In order to achieve maximum sustainable results it is recommended that a treatment cure consisting of 3 to 6 times (depending on skin condition) be carried out twice a year.


A cure of 3 treatments within 4 weeks only CHF 450.- including a free Peel After Care Kit for post treatment care.
One treatment takes approx. 1 hour.
Additionally you will receive in November 2016 a free eyelash and brow dying treatment!

BioSurface™ Peel

This professional peeling fights fine lines, pigmentation and impurities with its intensive active ingredients. This peeling is particularly compatible due to its unique multiphase system. Depending on the condition of the skin and the desired result it guarantees the customer the best results for every skin type.

Try out this peeling line for yourself and make an appointment for a Face Mapping® (skin analysis): 079 757 54 30 tiffany@tiffanys-art.ch

Additional information about this skin treatment can be found under Specials:
> BioSurface Peel

Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of Beauty in 8032 Zürich an der Klosbachstrasse 141 hat vom 7. bis und mit 24. Oktober 2016 Praxis-Pause.

Dear Customers

From 7. - 24. October I am taking a break and Tiffany’s Art of Beauty will therefore be closed.
Many thanks for your understanding.

I will be reopening from 25. October 2016 and look forward to pampering you with a Dermalogica treatment.

If you wish, however, to make an appointment during my absence for an appointment after 24. October, you can do so by just sending an email to: tiffany@tiffanys-art.ch

Friendly Greetings

Tiffany Thommen

Well done Dermalogica! Once again a successful top product! An absolute top quality, first class, luminous treatment oil. I am really looking forward to this new product available in my shop from the middle of October.

Phyto Replenish Oil, das neue Top-Produkt von Dermalogica mit taufrischem Glow und Schutz für die Haut, ist bei Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of Beauty, Klosbachstrasse 141 in 8032 Zürich, erhältlich.

Dewy skin defender

  • feather-light oil for daily facial use
  • moisturises the skin and reduces wrinkles
  • strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
  • protects against negative environmental influences

Phyto Replenish Oil for a well-balanced lipid level

Lipids are natural protective oils which support and retain the natural protective barrier of the skin necessary for youthful radiance. Preventative measures to support the skin’s natural lipid barrier are therefore essential for the sustainment of a heathy radiant skin.
Phyto Replenish Oil consists of a selection of active plant-based ingredients which can be used daily in order to retain the skin’s lipid level. The result is a healthier, more radiant and dewy fresh skin!

Kosmetikerin Tiffany Thommen von Tiffany's Art of Beauty, Klosbachstrasse 141 in 8032 Zürich, sorgt mit einer professionellen Outdoor Pediküre, bei einem Glas Prosecco, für samtweiche Sommerfüsse.

At last the summer has arrived, temperatures are hot, dresses shorter and it’s time to pamper our feet. We love this time of the year so we can wear our summer shoes again. But if you want your new summer sandals to look their best, pretty feet and toes are a must.

Enjoy a professional outdoor pedicure on my balcony with a sparkling glass of Prosecco. You’ll leave my salon totally relaxed with silky soft, pretty summer feet.

Just give me a ring at 079 757 54 30.

Professionelle und wirkungsvolle IonActive™ Power Behandlungen für beste Ergebnisse und eine gesunde Gesichtshaut bei Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of Beauty in 8032 Zürich am Römerhof.

5 reasons for using IonActive™ Power Treatment

  • You want to reduce wrinkles
  • You suffer from outbreaks of acne
  • You suffer from chronic dehydration
  • You expect visible results in less than 1 hour
  • You appreciate personal treatment

Find out more about this new product and usages from Dermalogica:
> IonActive™ Power Treatment        > Video

As your Dermalogica skin care therapist I would be happy to inform about this new combined technology.

IonActive Power™ Treatments are available immediately from Tiffany’s Art of Beauty!

> Offers under Specials

Further news from Dermalogica

I will be happy to advise you about the use of the new Dermalogia products. «Overnight Retinol Repair» and HydroBlur™ are available directly from Tiffany’s Art of Beauty or from the Dermalogica online shop.

«Overnigth Retinol Repair» - Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of BeautyThe formula of «Overnight Retinol Repair» is based on a highly developed microencapsulated  technology which guarantees maximum results.
This advanced technology protects the highly active molecule from potential disintegration.
> «Overnight Retinol Repair»
HydraBlur™ Primer - Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of BeautyLightweight, non-greasy HydroBlur™ Primer minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mattifies against oily shine and imparts a silky, luminous finish to the skin.
The advantages in just one formula: 1. moisture intensifying, 2. tone neutralizing, 3. smoothing out of pores.

> HydroBlur™ Primer

Bei Kosmetik Tiffany’s Art of Beauty, Klosbachstrasse 141 in 8032 Zürich, erhalten Sie eine optimale Gesichtspflege mit der neuen Komplettmaske «charcoal rescue masque» von Dermalogica.

The new complete mask «charcoal rescue masque» detoxifies and revitalizes, leaving the skin glowing – the optimal face mask with excellent results.


  • Clarifies
    White binchotan active charcoal clarifies the skin, reduces excessive sebum production and removes skin impurities.
  • Balances
    Volcano ash, sea sludge and bamboo extract peel the skin whilst alpha hydroxy acid stimulates skin cell renewal.
  • Calms
    Niacin amid combats redness and blocked pores.
  • Improves
    Wild Chilean mint improves the skin’s texture and significantly reduces enlarged pores.
  • Revitalizes
    Sulfur removes dead skin cells and combats bacteria which can cause inflammation.

Complete mask application

As your Dermalogica skin care expert I can establish an exact zone analysis with Face Mapping® and create an effective personal skin care programme, the results of which guarantee optimal products and satisfaction.

The new complete mask «charcoal rescue masque» is now available from Tiffany’s Art of Beauty or direct from the dermalogica® online shop.

Perfect eyebrows with semi-permanent make up.  From June 2016 Gigi will be starting with this new cosmetic treatment at Tiffany’s Art of Beauty in the group practice.

Microblading by Gigi - perfekte Augenbrauen mit semi-permanent Make-up neu ab Juni 2016 in der Gemeinschaftspraxis Kosmetik Tiffany's Art of Beauty in 8032 Zürich am Römerhof.


To wake up with perfect eyebrows every morning – every woman’s dream! No more plucking, no more patchy eyebrows and no more smudging!
Microblading is a new system of eyebrow correction which looks absolutely natural. A new shape can be formed or filling in of existing eyebrows.

Micro thin needles are used to insert the pigment into the eyebrow form. The lines are exactly as wide as the existing shape so hardly a difference can be detected.
Because I use exclusively vegan colours no toxic substances or metal is contained in the pigmentation. Microblading lasts for up to three years depending on the skin type. A yearly touch up is, however, recommended.

This process is for everyone who wants natural looking eyebrows.
In case you feel unsure and find it difficult to make a decision I would be happy to advise you and go through the process step by step in order for you to discover your own personal look.
I am available for an advice consultation on  078 704 90 94.

Kind regards  Gigi


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Beauty Dermalogica Haut Kosmetik Kosmetikerin Tiffany Thommen Treatment Klosbachstrasse Zürich Seefeld Zürichberg Römerhof Ball Hochzeit Tag Verwöhntag Verwöhnen

Take a break from your hectic daily routine and spoil yourself with a time out.
Let me spoil you with a refreshing and extensive face, hands, feet and back treatment with tea, Prosecco and fruit.
This special experience is also the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

For every pampering appointment or gift token purchased in May you will receive a CHF 50.-reduction on your favourite Dermalogica product.


  • 3,5 hours


  • CHF 350.-


  • The CHF 50.- reduction on a Dermalogica product is only available for appointments from 1 – 31 May 2016.

> Specials pampering day

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